Call for Tender for the sub-contracting of the external expertise in the project “Etuc initiative to implement a european network of assistance for integration of migrant workers and their families”

PDF Download: call for tender for ETUC last version 9MAY


Beneficiary countries

Italy, Spain, UK, Ireland, France, Slovenia, Germany

Contracting Authority

ISCOS CISL Istituto di Sindacale per la cooperazione allo sviluppo


Overall objective

The overall objective of the project of which this contract will be a part is as follows:
Objective of the project is to enhance the two-way process of integration of third country nationals and their families in hosting communities through a more intensive interaction between local migrant communities and mainstreaming organizations as trade unions and their associations/networks of migrants. The project also responds to the objective to encourage integration in civic, cultural and social life in hosting communities through active participation in mainstreaming organisations.
The project has the objective to enhance the services and assistance to third-country nationals provided by organisations of the civil society establishing a trade union transnational network providing services and facilities for integration of third country nationals. The project wants to respond to a wider need to foster access to pre-departure information and contacts with the destination country before leaving the origin country.
The project has the objective to include entrepreneurship of third country nationals as a means of integration.


The scope of this procurement procedure is the provision of services to build up a web portal that can create a space for the exchange of information among operators in services for migrants in Europe. At the same time the service will be an effective tool for publicizing services to migrants, as well as for easy access to documents and information also through Internet. The service will build in the same time a web site for the advertising of the project, as well as the platforms to exchange documents, information, opinions, materials among workers and migrants.
The purposes of this contract are as follows:
Develop a system of community that provides a range of services to two types of target:

  • Immigrants both potential and those already on the European territory
  • The union structures potentially present on 7 European countries

Results to be achieved by the Contractor

  • result 1 : establishing a connection between desk offices;
  • result 2: strengthen the relationship between desk offices;
  • result 3: giving information to the migrants;
  • result 4: create a way for a “people-to-people” contact on a “virtual“ platform;
  • result 5:at the final stage of the project, promoting and advocating the adhesion to the A4I-ETUC network at the associations of social enterprises at national and European level.

In the detail:

  • Work closely with project partners to designing a web portal based on the needs of the applicants and the development of the portal
  • The company must guaranty the availability on meeting at least twice the partners’ leader of the project in 12 months and or at their request.
  • Delivery of web portal within 12 months of signing the contract.
  • Delivery of an alpha and a beta version after 6 and 12 months
  • Result 6: transferring skills to the contact points of the pilot action of the project during training courses organised by the project partners. At list three days of front-class training demanded to the web designer to be delivered during a training courses scheduled in agreement with the project partners.

For details see the full document:  call for tender for ETUC last version 9MAY


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